The moment I set eyes on

that brother of yours

I said to myself


but even a traitor may mend

{Roleplay/ask blog for Edmund Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Usually a member of CDRP; not at the moment because the mun is a derp but hopefully will be again soon

M!A Status: Accepting}



You don’t need


Or small font.

Or whatever the fuck these things are “{ ✄ } —”

Or even a cool theme

to be quality.

I think a good majority of people on tumblr need to recognize this.

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- DVD commentary on The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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"The last time I didn't believe Lucy I ended up looking pretty stupid."


stonetablenetwork weekly challenge: [ week 1 ] your favourite pevensie

"Because not even a reformed traitor deserved to have Jadis triumph over him. And I was not a traitor. Not anymore. I was a king.
…let it be done…” x insp

NARNIA MEME: [1/2] pevensies
↳ edmund


30 Days of Narnia - Day 15

Favourite Susan moment ; Susan saves Edmund from Ginabrikk



C h e e r i n g m e u p

narnia meme: [1/2] pevensies
          “Edmund was a graver and quieter man than Peter, and great in council and judgement. He was called King Edmund the Just.