The moment I set eyes on

that brother of yours

I said to myself


but even a traitor may mend

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"England?" A laugh was not near as stifled as it should have been. "No, where I have mind to take you England cannot compare. The land is wild and there to be tamed by one with the potential you show - one who can lead an army to their greatest destiny and make the Gods tremble by the mention of his name… . . I need an heir, a son by my side, the makings of a king."

"I’m not the makings of a king, sir. I am a king.” Edmund hoped he sounded more convinced than he felt. With the Witch’s powerful followers dead or banished, he was king over a land of woodland creatures; this wasn’t what he was hoping for when he was promised a kingdom.

He took a deep breath. “Someone once said very much the same things to me and ended up trying to kill me. Why should I trust you?”

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It is finished.


[In honour of 400+ followers and my sister figuring out what was wrong with my tablet, I’m doing my first giveaway! It’s a wee bit different, so read carefully! >w<

"What’s this? No touching heartfelt profession of love from Asher?" Nope. You guys are so fabulous you make my brain go stupid <333

So, without further ado, may I present -drumroll- The List:

The List

  • 20 gifs
  • 1 song request performed by me on the violin
  • 1,000+ word fic
  • A chibi comic
  • A proper art thing

Some notes about The List:

  • This is a very old and poorly scanned example of my art stuffs. Since it’s been a while and my tablet now works, it’ll be much prettier for you!
  • I’m not a virtuoso but I have been playing violin for over ten years, so it shouldn’t be painfully terrible.
  • Examples of my gifs can be found here.

How can one obtain these fantastical prizes, you ask? Read on~


  • One like and one reblog count per person.
  • You must be following me at time of winner announcement and at time of prize distribution. So if you win but you unfollow before I’m done making your thing, I ain’t giving you the thing. Capiche?
  • Content of writing/music/art/gifs can be literally whatever you want, with the following limitations:
  • For writing, I obviously have to be somewhat familiar with whatever you want me to write about, so I reserve the right to turn down anything I don’t know.
  • No NSFW gifs or art. Fic can be NSFW if I’m comfortable with it.

This thing closes on the first of May unless otherwise announced. I’ll randomly select six peeps, like so:

One winner

  • my endless love
  • three options from The List

Two winners

  • my endless love
  • two options from The List

Three winners

  • my endless love
  • one option from The List

Everyone else

  • my endless love

Fly, my pretties, and get free stuff!

Edmun out. (`・ω・´)ゞ]

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If you’re anti-Christian today and speak out against Christianity on a day that means a lot to us, then you need to get your head checked. You scream for equality everyday for your beliefs, you should be able to at least give us one day of peace to celebrate the day that makes our faith worth it.

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An endless list of fictional or historical “characters” I can’t help but worship→ Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)


The Chronicles of Narnia Meme: 

Five relationships: [2/5] Susan Pevensie & Edmund Pevensie

Peter and Lucy could not understand. They had always been luminous. They never saw what was so attractive about shadows and darkness. Not like Susan and Edmund did.”

[Welp this is the last time I trust my sister with cosplay reference pictures + Photoshop]


signora donati knows exactly what i'm capable of


“…but I’d better not tell you that story. It might lower your spirits, and that’s a thing I never do.’ 

- Puddleglum