The moment I set eyes on

that brother of yours

I said to myself


but even a traitor may mend

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Every day

The bravest man amongst us is afraid of himself.
— Priam, to Achilles, book twenty-four (via incorrectiliad)


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader + details

                                    Cause we’re all just kids
                                    Who grew up way too fast
                                    Yeah the good die young
                                    But the great will a l w a y s  last
                                    We’re growing older
                                    But we’re all s o l d i e r s tonight

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The more Edmund’s shock subsided, the more relief flooded in to take its place. There was indeed a world in the wardrobe like Lucy had said but she was still dead wrong, wrong enough that he ought to get away without apologising. What sort of stupid girl mistook this seaside scene for a snowy wood, or the regally dressed woman walking with her back to him for a red-scarved faun?

"Excuse me," he called to the woman, trying to sound confident and commanding. "This place … is it called Narnia?"

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Screencaps meme:

+ The Chronicles of Narnia - Bruised and Battered.

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 ”She thinks she’s found a magical land… In the upstairs wardrobe.”